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Q. What is CommonWealth Trust™ ?

CommonWealth Trust™ is a company that has seasoned traders that trades in forex and binary options giving opportunities to investors who make huge returns on their investments.

Q. Is CommonWealth Trust™ a registered Company?

Yes. Its a registered business under name ePlus Solutions

Q. Do I have to pay administrative fee?

Yes you pay a one time admininstrative fee of USD $10

Q. How does CommonWealth Trust™ works?

CommonWealth Trust™ provides a platform for safe investment. CommonWealth Trust™ in turns trades safely with investors monies in stocks.

Q. What are the investment plans and how much can I earn?

         • Entry Pack 1: $50 - $149 earn 1.6% daily
         • Starter Pack 2: $150 - $499 earn 1.8% daily
         • Silver Pack 3: $500 - $1199 earn 1.9% daily
         • Gold Pack 4: $1,200 - $2799 earn 2.0% daily
         • Diamond Pack 5: $2,800 - $4999 earn 2.1% daily
         • Palladium Pack 6: $5,000 - $9999 earn 2.2% daily
         • Platinum Pack 7: $10,000 - $19,999 earn 2.3% daily
         • Crown Pack 8: $20,000 and above earn 2.4% daily

Q. How can I create an account with CommonWealth Trust™?

Get a referral link from your sponsor or click on open an account and fill out the forms.

Q. Can I open multiple accounts?

Yes but with different email addresses

Q. Can we use a common IP-address for registrations?

Yes you can.

Q. How can I make investment or deposit?

After registering, click on make deposit and choose your plan that suites you best. After that, it will take you to processor and you will be able to make deposits.

Q. Can I change the password for my account?

Yes click on forget password. For security reasons, a 2nd level security questions may be required

Q. Can I change my username?


Q. How can I withdraw from CommonWealth Trust™?

Withdrawal request can be made on every Thursday of the week. After withdrawal is requested, allow up to 3 working days to receive funds..

Q. How can I invest using Bank Wire Transfer or Western Union?

Detailed instructions will be given upon checkout

Q. How fast will funds appear in my back office?

If you use a digital processor, its automatic. If you transferred funds through Bank Wire, Western Union or Money Gram, kindly send proof of payment to us at It will take up to 2 days for your account to be activated from pending to complete

Q. Can I deposit with one processor and withdraw through another? For instance I made deposit through Perfectmoney, can I withdraw through Solid Trust Pay?

No. You withdraw through the same processor.

Q. What is the minimum or the maximum amount of money to withdraw from CommonWealth Trust™?

You can withdraw all your earnings at any time you deem best for you. There s no limitations as at how much you can withdraw at a time. If you have $3000 and you feel like withdrawing all, you can do that. There are no restrictions.

Q. When can I make withdrawal requests?

Every Thursdays of the week

Q. Is there a fee for depositing or withdrawing money?

There is no fees for depositing but be mindful that your processor might charge some fees. Upon withdrawing, you will be charged withdrawal fee of 3%.

Q. Can I use my cash balance to register a new member? If yes, how?

Yes you can. Just transfer money from your Cash Wallet to the Register Wallet of the new member. He should be able to use that to sign up.

Q. Can I make multiple deposits?

Yes you can make multiple deposits

Q. When will I receive my withdrawals?

Within 3 working days from the day of request

Q. When can I get my first pay after investing?

From the first working day that you invest, you start making money immediately and also, once you request, you get paid in 3 working days.

Q. What processors and deposit methods are accepted?

Perfectmoney, Payeer, Bitcoin and Skrill. Others are Western Union, Money Gram and Bank Wire.

Q. Can I cash out all monies earned from my investments?

Yes. You can cash out 100% of your investment earnings.

Q. How much can I make from referrals?

Earn 3% on your direct referrals, 2% on level 2 and 1% on level 3.

Q. Are our funds secure?

CommonWealth Trust has established a maximum level of security for transactions so our Traders can invest with the best possible conditions. We trade with 7% of investors funds at a time. On binary Options, we place maximum 3 trades a day. We won’t go beyond this.

Q. When will my investment expire?

All investments will expire in 3 months after which you will have your money back.

Q. Will I have my investment back when my pack expires?

You will get 100% of your investment back upon expiry or you can decide to reinvest for the next 3 months

Q. Can I get a refund?


Q. Can I advertise on your website?

Yes. We provide advertising services to members and the public at a cost.

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