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Referral Bonus. For every member that a CommonWealth member recruits, he shall earn a 3% bonus on Level 1 and 2% on Level 2 and 1% on Level 3. To explain, assuming David is a member and recruits Bryn and Bryn invest $1000, David will earn a commission of $30. If Bryn bring on board Fred, and Fred invest $500, David will ... read more
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Testimonies From Our Clients
 Alimi Babatunde B.
When it comes to making money from home online, no one does it better than Commonwealth Trust. It has really change my life financially and in all aspect of my life have not remain the same since I joined CWT. Thanks to CWT it is really a life changer and I also appreciate my sponsor Yusuf, for showing me this wonderful platform. Earning in 3-4 digit figure always... Read more
 Oyewole Abiodun
CommonWealth Trust is best online business that has ever happened to me.
I was newbie when I joined CWT. I am very glad I joined. I must admit that I was a skeptic in the beginning, but the CWT program works, I invested $50 exactly a month I received 60% of the money... Read more
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